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about 篠村 shinomura

✿Shinomura was founded in March 2021 by Aislinn Shinomura, a self-directed Japanese Canadian fashion designer. Aislinn was born in Victoria, Canada, also known as Lekwungen and WSÁNEĆ territories of the Coast Salish Peoples. 

✿Aislinn's admiration for fashion design began at a young age when she discovered her parent’s Japanese fashion magazines. She used to scour the pages and select her favorite pieces. From here, Aislinn’s love for clothing design grew. Through growing up wearing the hand-me-downs from friends and family Aislinn realized how these pieces reflected others’ preferences for style and saw an opportunity to further express herself through styling and tailoring such garments to fit and express her own personality. 

✿Aislinn began her journey of transforming her visions into physical formations in the summer of 2020; ever since Aislinn started this adventure, her appetite for creating one-of-a-kind pieces has flourished into the high-end brand, Shinomura.

✿Shinomura currently offers a space to share her latest fabricated creations. Aislinn is dedicated to making fashion accessible for all physiques while maintaining her passion for sustainably cultivating pieces rooted in environmental mindfulness. Aislinn's work is fostered by the continual odyssey of discovering her Japanese culture and what makes her brand unique.

Picture of Aislinn Shinomura, the founder and fashion designer of Shinomura. She smiles while wearing the Ruffled Apron Top that has white ruffled shoulder and back straps with a creme coloured top that has vertical lines throughout. She wears white baggy pants and has a full body mirror with gold trim behind her  along with a white wall and marble queen plant hanging above.

Founder & Designer Aislinn Shinomura

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